“And the little girl who plays Cindy Lou Who, her name is Mabel Weismann… is astonishing!” 

– Chris Hewitt, Star Tribune
(MyTalk FM interview)


“There are two stand-out reasons to see Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch Who Stole Christmas at the Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis. One is Reed Sigmund…The other is child actor Mabel Weismann, whose touching and nuanced performance as Cindy-Lou Who steals the show again and again.” 

– Basil Considine, Twin Cities Arts Reader

The Grinch and the Who Steal the Show  – Twin Cities Arts Reader


” …special mention must be made of Mabel Weismann as the purest soul in Whoville, Cindy-Lou, the one who melts Mr. Grinch’s heart (along with everyone in the audience).” 

– Cherry and Spoon

How the Grinch Stole Christmas at the CTC — Cherry and Spoon

“… this Cindy-Lou is absolutely a worthy foe for the Grinch. (Spoiler alert, I guess: The truth is that she’s even stronger than he is.) And tiny Mabel Weismann, the veteran of CTC’s “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” who plays winsome Cindy-Lou without ever getting too winsomey, is a fantastic scene partner for Sigmund. Weismann is a born performer — check out the precision with which she executes Cindy-Lou’s heel-toe/heel-toe walk — and she makes it powerfully convincing that this tiny tot’s charm offensive could steer the Grinch onto the tinsel-strewn path of holiday cheer.” 

– Chris Hewitt, Star Tribune

Children’s Theatre Cooks Up A Mean ‘Grinch’ — StarTribune


“…and, the young Mabel Weismann as Fredrika is delightful.”

A Little Night Music — Play Off The Page

“Standouts include… Mabel Weismann (hilarious as the aging sweatshop worker, Stu).”

An American Tail — Aisle Say


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